Our dining rooms

The case consists of four distinct areas. In the black room, the walls are mostly painted black with touches of gold. The large crown chandelier in bronze d'ore and crystal brings a stately impression trigger. The green room is a smaller but very cozy room. The fireplace and the color promoting the unique romantic atmosphere in this place. Both rooms can be used for group activities. The black has a capacity of 35 people, the hall in front of 25.

The five meter long bar with all the working comfort features, is a work of art in itself. The cozy lounge and the equally comfortable armchairs offer customers plenty of privacy and luxury to also elaborate food. Especially on Friday and Saturday nights the bar is then transformed into a cozy restaurant. In good weather you can enjoy the rustic outdoor terrace, divided into several parts with boxwood and a pond. It is the ideal dining on a balmy summer evening.

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